GETAS – PETROGEO is a company that delivers consultancy services and qualified project management to a large number of public institutions, industries and private firms in Italy and abroad in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, geotechnics and environmental engineering.

The structure was established in 1956 as Marchetti-DiNapoli Associati-Petrogeo, based in Rome. It is the first Italian private structure that provided consulting services in the filed of petroleum geology in Italy and abroad under the direction of Prof. MP Marchetti, geologist. In 1967, the structure moved to Pisa and changes its name into Marchetti-Ghezzi–Petrogeo, professional Association. In 1978 was joined by Getas Srl with sole administrator Dr. Giuseppe Ghezzi, geologist. In 1992 the Company becomes Getas Petrogeo s.r.l., still based in Pisa, directed by Dr. Giuseppe Ghezzi, geologist.

GIUSEPPE GHEZZI Sole Administrator: Geologist, University of Milan, 1955 Specialization: petroleum geology, hydrogeology, environmental geology, management

ROBERTO GHEZZI Technical Coordinator: Geologist, University of Pisa, 1981 Specialization: hydrogeology, geology, geothermics, environmental geology

PAOLO GHEZZI Technical Coordinator: Hydraulic Engineer, University of Pisa, 1989 Specialization: hydraulic and environmental engineering

Getas Petrogeo S.r.l. was accredited in 1997 the internationally recognized quality certification ISO 9001, Environmental Management System under ISO 14001, later extended to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, for the following products or services: “Design in the field of civil, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering; geological, geothermal and hydrogeological studies”.