Civil and Environmental Engineering



We gained skills in designing works of high impact by using naturalistic engineering. Hydraulic works, landscape reclamation, waste disposal sites and remediation of contaminated sites are the areas where we have more than twenty years experience, that we are proud to deliver to our customers.

The specialization sectors are:

• Hydraulic studies at the river basin scale, computer-aided hydraulic risk assessments.
• Design, engineering and direction of hydraulic defense works, water networks, sewers, WWTPs, waste and sludge treatment plants.
• Design, engineering and direction of civil infrastructure works: roads, tunnels, buildings.
• Design, engineering and direction of remediation and reclamation works: polluted aquifers and soils, characterization plans of polluted sites, risk assessments, management plans.
• Landfills: identification of suitable sites, design, engineering and direction of construction works, monitoring, management and after-life plans.
• Design, engineering and direction of quarries and mining works.
• Site specific safety and coordination planning, according to Italian law D.Lgs 81/2008


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